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SSUET Policies

Academic Policies


SSUET Ph.D. Policy (For Batches 2024 Spring and Onwards)

Policy for Workload Relief of PhD Scholars

Policy for Role and Responsibility of Academic Advisor V1
Policy for Honorarium on Research Project Grants V2
Internship Policy and Mechanism V1
Admission Policy 2022-23
Rules and Regulations for the degree of PhD V5
Policy and Procedure for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for Academic Staff
HEC Policy on Drug and Tobacco Abuse in HEC Institutions – Undertake Form
Rules & Regulations for the Degree of Masters in Science V2
Semester Rules for Post Graduate Programs V2
Policy for Transfer of Credit Hours & Student Mobility
Admission Policy Fall 2021
Attendance Policy for Online Classes
Policy & Procedures of Examinations & Assessment
Policy and Procedures for online education

Research Honorarium & Conference Assistance Policy

Undergraduate Admission Policy

Rules and Regulation for MS Programs
PGP Semester Rules
Academic Rules & Regulations
Grading System
Migration Policy

Research Honorarium and Conference Assistance Policy

Policy for Honorarium on Research Project Grants V1
Policy for Online First Publication of SSURJET Articles

Arrangements to Prevent Fradulent Claims of Degree Policy

Academic Freedom Policy
ORIC Policy
Plagiarism Policy of SSUET
Policy for Center for GCPP

General Policies

Patent Support Policy

Amendment Policy Sexual Harassment ACT 2022
Members of Inquiry Committee for Protection against Sexual Harassment at SSUET
Protection against Harassment of Women at the workplace 2010
Policy Against Drug and Tobacco Abuse at SSUET
Environment, Health and Safety Policy
HSE Safety Manual
Social Media Policy and Procedure
Travelling and Accommodation Policy
Recruitment & Promotion Policy & Procedure
Intellectual Property Rights Policy
Policy of Resolution Number for Meetings
Quality Assurance Policy
Policy Communication of Approved Policies and SOPs to all Stakeholders
Policy for Modes of Formal Communication
Appeals Procedure Policy
Policy Against Sexual Harassment
Evaluation of University Performance by Stakeholders Policy
Proposed Sports Policy & Structure
Employee Separation Policy and Procedure V1
Onboarding & Staff Induction Policy & Procedures

Additional Responsibility Allowance Policy and Procedure

Policy for Authorization of Cellular Phone and Calling Cards
Policy and Procedure for Engaging Interns

Policy & Procedure for Engaging Temporary Teaching Staff

Policy & Procedure for Flexible Working Hours
Policy for Students with Disabilities
Transport Policy
Publication Honorarium Registration/Application Form
Policy & Procedures for Resolving Grievances
Conflict of Interest Policy
Policy for Faculty Member involved with Services to Industry
SSUET Vision & Mission
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