Sports Policy




The sports activities in Sir Syed University are an integral part of the schedule of working of the university and conducted regularly. It is in accordance with true Aligarh Spirit. Students of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology brought many titles for university in various sports competitions. SSUET regularly participating in HEC games and brought Titles / Medals in Badminton, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Boxing, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Body Building etc. Cricket Team of SSUET represents Pakistan in International interuniversity tournaments and brought honor for University and Pakistan.


The Sports Department provides an equal opportunity to every student in the university to take part in the sports in which he/she is interested and inculcate team spirit, healthy outlook, physical fitness, positive thinking and winning spirit besides excellence in regular studies in a conductive deadening & learning environment.


The vision of sports department is to have a positive impact that promote youth development & excellence in sports, wellness, teamwork, ethics, and provide opportunities to students and faculty to enhance the moral values required to lead meaningful lives while impacting society in respectful ways.


  • To develop the skills of students up to a marked level where they become capable to participate boldly in all events (indoor / outdoor) conducted throughout the year.
  • Flexible sports events planning – First Term & Second Term (Internal & External).
  • To diversify the field of sports among students and to make them capable for participation at different level.
  • Liaison with sports & recreation clubs and societies for sports activities.

HEC Sports Event:

NOTE: To host Inter-University Competition for any two of the events (If agreed by university management) – to get recognition for organizing well planned events

Short Term Planning:

  • Internal – Inter class & Inter Departmental Competitions.
  • External –Inter universities tournaments (Private & HEC Level Competitions).
  • Hiring of specific Officials &Volunteers to facilitate events.
  • Skill development through training sessions / lectures / practical demos.
  • Use of different sports tools for personality building.

Long Term Planning:

  • Allocation of Sports Budget as per requirement for each financial year.
  • Specific requirement of coaches (temporary for the event)
  • Maintain Inventory of Sports Goods – Purchasing and vendor management.
  • Sports Blocks (Utilization & Time Scheduling).
  • Stock Division & Stand by Stock.
  • Coordination with other departments and with teams.
  • Coaching / Training (Micro & Macro).
  • Training Schedule – Beginners, Learners & skilled programs.
  • Documentations for Events (Heads Approval, Circulars & Student information’s).
  • Maintaining Student Records (Participations & Achievements).
  • Following coaches are planned to be hired for development of sports.
  • Athletic based Physical Trainer
  • Basket Ball Coach
  • Table Tennis Coach
  • Volley Ball Coach




Regular Sports Activities:

  1. Cricket
  2. Hockey
  3. Badminton
  4. Volley Ball     
  5. Foot Ball
  6. Table Tennis
  7. Futsal
  8. Basket Ball
  9. Boxing
  10. Tug of War
  11. Throw Ball

Other Co-Curricular Activities:

  1. Workshops & Seminars.
  2. Fitness related programs (Students & Staff Members)
  3. Summer Camps & General Fitness Schedule.
  4. Sports Olympiad & Exhibition Matches.
  5. Recreational programs.

To Achieve the Objectives following Resources will be required:

  • Allocation of sufficient budget prior to the event.
  • Availability of Grounds.
  • Training / Coaching Camps.
  • Arrangement of sports goods.
  • Coaches for respective event.

Allocation of Budgets:

Budget is Allocated in the following heads:

  • Sufficient amount for purchasing of sports goods
  • Rents of hired Grounds
  • Salaries for hired specific event coach (excluding full time coaching)
  • External Event participation / Registration Fees
  • Event wise KIT purchasing budget
  • Purchasing of required accessories
  • Matches transportation budget
  • Trophies, Shield, Participant & Achievement Certificates Budget
  • Match Refreshment budget
  • Ground Maintenance Budget in SSUET Premises
  • Budget for External Umpires, Technical Officials etc.
  • Budget for Workshop & Seminar

Following grounds are frequently used by SSUET for sports activities.

  1. UBL Sports Complex.
  2. Customs Sports Complex.
  3. KHA Sports Complex.
  4. Pakistan Sports Board (National Coaching & Training Centre) – Facility of membership for individual & in the form of Group.
  5. Sixteen Star Football Ground /Gulshan Soccer Club.
  6. Government College of Physical Education.

Training / Coaching Camps:

  • For the purpose of specialized training in respective events, specific coaches will conduct coaching camps of 10 – 15 days prior to the event.
  • Training will be based on theoretical as well as practical sessions. Periods would be assigned for them in the time tables prepared for each class / section which should be followed strictly.

Financial Allocations:

Daily Allowance

Players: Rs.800 Daily

Officials: Rs. 1500 Daily

Director Sports: Rs. 2500 Daily


Players: By Train (Lower AC class)

Officials: By Train (Lower AC class)

Director Sports: By Air (Economy Class) and for Boarding / lodging Rs. 6000 per day.

Rs. 200 per person for each match.

Within city: Transport to be arranged by Transport Dept. of SSUET)

Out of city: Rs. 5000 per day (as and when required)

Miscellanies Expenditures
Rs. 10,000/- per tour.

Ground Rents:

Games Rent For Night
Cricket Rs. 20,000/-  Full day
Rs. 10,000/-  Half day
8000 per hour
Hockey Rs.3000/- per Match Rs. 10,000/- per match
Football Rs.3000/- per Match Rs.10000/- per Match
Ground Maintenance of SSUET    

Budget for External Umpires, Technical Officials etc.

Games Umpire / Referee (per official)
Cricket 3000/- full day
1500/- half day
Hockey 1500/- per day
Football 1000/- per day
Volley Ball 1000/- per day
Basket Ball 1000/- per day
Badminton 1000/- per day
Table Tennis 1000/- per day
Tug of War 1000/- per day
Boxing 1000/- per day

Arrangement of Sports Goods. Descriptions Items
1 Complete Kit for each Player 1 Track Suit
    2 Playing Kit
    3. Changing Shirts
    4. Caps
    5. Socks
    6. traveling Bag
    7. Shoes
2. Playing Equipment    
  1- Cricket 1. Bat
    2. Balls
    3. Pads
    4. Helmet
    5. Batting Gloves
    6. Keeping Gloves
    7. Keeping Pad
    8. Thai Pad
    9. Elbow Pad
    10 Guard
  2- Hockey 1 Hockey Sticks
    2. Balls
    3. Shin pads
    4. Goal Keeper Kit (Complete)
  3- Football 1. Footballs
    2. Shin Pads
    3. Keeping Gloves
  4- Badminton 1. Rackets
    2. Shuttles
    3. Net
  5- Volley Ball 1 Balls
    2 Net
  6- Table Tennis 1. Bats
    2. Balls
    3. Net
    4. Tables
  7- Basketball 1. Balls
  8- Tug of War 1. Rope
  9- Boxing 1. Training Gloves
    2. Gloves
    3. Mouth Guards
    4. Head Guards
    5. Punching Pads