SSUET held Condolence Reference of Prof. Dr. Mumtaz ul Imam

January 14, 2022
(L-R above) Chancellor SSUET, Jawaid Anwar, Vice-Chancellor SSUET, Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin, and (L-R below) Dr. Aftab Imam, Dr. Shahab Imam addressing the condolence reference

KARACHI, January 14, 2022 – Chancellor Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Jawaid Anwar, has said that Man’s connection with a man is sometimes so deep that his separation becomes so agonizing, and such deep relation is based on sincerity and love. Aura of their personality makes it hard to forget them. The more one tries to forget them, the more intensely the memory of them captures the heart. Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Al-Imam is one of such personalities whose memory is still alive in our hearts and today’s gathering is proof of how much love and devotion we have for him. He was speaking at the condolence reference held for Prof. Dr. Mumtaz ul Imam at the campus.
Chancellor Jawaid Anwar pointed out that Prof. Dr. Mumtaz ul Imam was a multidimensional personality whose decency and humble spirit was appreciated by all. His focus was on research-based knowledge. He studied in the best universities and rendered his services as Professor in the top universities of the world. He was one of the foremost writers and researchers in the world. He attended several national and international conferences and presented his research papers. His research articles were published in prestigious and reputable journals. He held a higher position in the academic sector for his knowledge and skills. His death is undoubtedly an irreparable loss. Despite being offered citizenship by USA, UK, and Canada, he preferred to stay in Sindh.
Speaking on the occasion, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin said that Prof. Dr. Mumtaz ul Imam promoted research culture in Sir Syed University and played a pivotal role in initiating Ph.D. and Masters programs. He realized that the world was changing rapidly and that he needed to keep updating himself in the global context. He devoted his entire life to teaching. He loved his profession so much that he refused to accept high-profile jobs.
The eldest son of Prof. Dr. Mumtaz ul Imam, Chief Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Dr. Aftab Imam, said that his father was very kind and sympathetic and he never beat them. The way he taught him and groomed was an asset of successful life. Credit goes to him who prepared us to survive in the cutthroat competition and earned such a brilliant status.
The youngest son of Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Al-Imam, Advocate Sindh High Court, Dr. Shahab Imam said, “My father used to say that there may be many obstacles in your way but no one can stop you from getting knowledge. It is up to you how much education you get. This is the reason that I qualified CSS exam at a very early stage. He was impartial and did not discriminate against anyone.
Prof. Dr. Mukhtiar Ali Unar, Dean, Mehran University, Jamshoro, said that it is very difficult to express my true feelings for my teacher and mentor. He was a great teacher who gave me great confidence. Dr. Rabia Noor Inam said that I have no words to praise my teacher but I have feelings for him. He was a great teacher. Dr. Adnan Kadia said that the process of learning continues throughout life.
Renowned writer and scholar Dr. Arshad Rizvi while introducing Dr. Aftab Imam and Dr. Shahab Imam shed light on the personality and services of Prof. Dr. Mumtaz ul Imam and Professor Noshaba Siddiqui conducted the event.