VC SSUET Speech at 25th Convocation

March 30, 2022

25th CONVOCATION 2022 – SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2022

Before I formally present a summary of University’s Annual Report, let us offer Dua-e-Maghfarat for the departed soul of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Mohsan-e-Pakistan, the legendary scientist and member, Board of Governor of Sir Syed University, and pay homage for his outstanding contribution to the nation and that of this university. Our worthy Chancellor, Sir Syed University will speak more about Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan in his address. Let us also pray and pay tribute to late Dr. Talat Altaf, for his rich contribution as Dean, the then Faculty of Engineering, Sir Syed University. May the departed souls of both Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and Dr. Talat Altaf rest in eternal peace. Ameen! 

Honorable Chief Guest M. Bashir Janmohammad Saheb

Worthy Janab Jawaid Anwar Saheb, Chancellor, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology

Worthy Members of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association

Worthy Members of the Board of Governors

Worthy Benefactors of the university

Dean Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dean Faculty of Civil Engineering & Architecture

Dean Faculty of Computing & Applied Sciences

Dean Faculty of Business Management & Social Sciences

Departmental Chairpersons and Heads of Departments

The Faculty Members

Dignitaries and Distinguished Guests

Journalists and Media personnel

Parents and Guardians

SSUET Alumni & Dear Graduates

Ladies and Gentlemen


It is my honor to welcome His Excellency the Chief Guest at the 25th Convocation of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. On behalf of the Chancellor and on my own behalf I thank the Chief Guest for his gracious presence among us. His presence at this coveted event is a source of inspiration and encouragement for the graduates and their parents and guardians.

I most cordially welcome Members of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association, Members of the Board of Governors, Deans, Chairpersons, Heads of the Departments, Faculty Members, distinguished guests, graduates their parents and guardians, journalists and media personnel and alumni.

Ladies and gentlemen

Sir Syed University is an epitome of the noble legacy of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the great educationist and social reformer. Sponsored by the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association, the university kick started its journey in 1994 with merely two departments and 200 students. However, the University has developed tremendously since then and presently the number of departments has risen to 14 including the Postgraduate Program. There has been corresponding increase in the number of students’ enrollment each year. At present there are altogether 6,907 students, while 54 students (32 males, 22 female) are enrolled in different PhD programs. There are 250 students enrolled in different MS programs. Similarly, the number of faculty members has increased to 397. It is encouraging to state that the number of faculty members holding PhD has raised to 58 showing an increasing trend. The university maintains an outstanding teacher-student ratio of 18:1 which satisfies the criteria of HEC, PEC and other accreditation councils.  


The University has been awarding scholarships to the deserving and needy students on merit basis right from its inception. In this regard, during the last 26 years, the University had granted scholarships of more than Rs.524 million (Rs. 524,060,309) to 26,940 students. However, during the year under report, scholarships of Rs.39.6 million (Rs. 390,590,56) have been given to 1,075 students on merit basis.

Sir Syed University has always strived to be progressive, adapting to advances in science, engineering, and technology, as well as business management. In the face of contemporary developments in science and technology, Sir Syed University has been playing an effective role in line with the dynamics of and the global context.

Distinguished Guests,

It has already been over two years since we all experienced and suffered from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Beginning in January and February of 2020, the lethal ramifications of the pandemic became obvious, leading to hard ground emotional realities taking place around us. Despite that, our faculty members and students worked hard until we finally resumed the on-campus activities Alhamdulillah!

Before I proceed further to share progress attained by University, I would like to express my sentiments of appreciation and congratulation to the graduates for their hard work, quest of knowledge and academic success. Your efforts have qualified you to be degree recipient in the field of your choice during today’s 25th Convocation of the University. I am glad to announce that during today’s convocation, 1,024 Bachelor and 54 Master degrees are being awarded to the passing out students. It is to be noted that during the last 26 years, the university has produced 23,192 undergraduates, 562 graduates and 7 postgraduate students. The average comes to be more than 1,000 graduating students per year.

During the past one year, University has achieved tremendous progress in multiple directions like academics, research, knowledge areas and co-curricular activities. I would now like to share with you highlights of some achievements of the university during the past one year.    


Brand of the Year Award

The Brands Foundation, the most credible recognition body for brands in Pakistan, has given Brand of the Year Award 2021 to Sir Syed University in the category of “Engineering University.” As per citation by the Brands Foundation, the award is indicative of Sir Syed University’s popularity, strong market standing, sound company profile and the majority of the consumers’ preference. In this regard, I appreciate the hard work and efforts put in by the university’s management teams.    

New Programs

With the approval of HEC, the university launched 2 new programs: MS Software Engineering and MS Electrical Engineering in Fall 2021. Another new program PhD Mathematics started in Spring 2022. Programs in pipeline for Fall 2022 are PhD Civil Engineering and PhD Computer Science.

Campus Management System (CMS)

The University follows Outcome Based Education System (OBE) in the engineering disciplines under the Washington Accord signed by Pakistan Engineering Council on behalf of the government. In accordance with OBE, a full Campus Management System is getting operational at the University. The CMS is an essential technical solution to run Campus-wide management. SSUET acquired customizable CMS in March 2021. Alhamdulillah, with close coordination and hard efforts, we were (1) able to transfer all students and staff data successfully; (2) Last year Fall and Spring Online Admission applications submission, merit based admission offering; (3) Online self-semester registration; (4) Exam result entries and announcement; and (5) Student fee management have been successfully managed using CMS. Financial management, HR management and procurement management have also been partially completed. InshaAllah, next year CMS will be fully implemented and tested as per SSUET requirements.


Our Admissions Office strive for fostering a vibrant educational atmosphere where the staff is energetic, has a student-focused attitude while supporting University’s mission and commitment to academic research and innovation. Our Admissions Office feels proud in serving as the front door to SSUET and setting the tone for the unique experience for all the individuals as our focus. In the year 2021-2022 our newly established Admissions Office put in great efforts to achieve the following targets:

  1. Enrolled the desired mix of quantity and quality of First-time Students using meritocratic standards.
  2. Responded to inquiries, visits and applications more quickly and effectively through measured use of CMS.
  3. Counseled students in terms of career guidance and suggestions.
  4. Collaborated with the campus community and SSUET colleagues to achieve mutual enrollment goals and maintained close communication links regarding admission, diversity, and enrollment issues.

Good marketing, support and University image plays vital role towards Admissions. In the year 2021-22, we had a good growth in admissions. More than 5,000 candidates attempted Admission tests out of which around 2,200 admissions were awarded in 33 programs in both Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. The efforts towards Business Program remained successful and we had a growth of approx. 300% (from 60 students to 170 students per year). Due to the joint efforts of the Admission Office, Marketing Manager, IT Department and the Admission Committee, admission was done throughout the year without any hassle and with great support to the parents and students.

Impact Ranking, QS Ranking and THE Ranking of the University

The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings measure global universities’ success in delivering the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Sir Syed University has performed exceptional in its first appearance in Times Higher Education, which is the top edition of global ranking measuring institutions’ social and economic impact. Among Thirty-six universities of Pakistan Sir Syed University also participated in THE Impact Ranking 2022 and submitted its data of activities directed towards achieving the SDGs. The rankings are accepted to be announced in April 2022.

In February 2022, Sir Syed University was accepted for participation in World University Ranking (WUR) of Times Higher Education. This is the most prestigious academic world ranking. The University has successfully compiled all required data and has recently submitted it on the THE portal. The evaluation results will be announced later this year.

For the first time, Sir Syed University submitted data for QS Ranking. QS Rankings are also considered as important reflection of academic status of a university. The evaluation results are expected to be announced later in this year.

The University continued its activity of timely uploading Higher Education Data Repository’s 2nd Cycle data for the year 2021. SSUET is one of the 3 universities out of 14 universities to have timely uploaded the data and completed the task on time. It may be recalled that in 2020 SSUET was among the 13 out of 200 universities selected by HEC to participate in the 1st Cycle of Piloting HEDR project.

Good Governance at SSUET

In order to ensure good-governance at SSUET the university generated policies and procedures to ensure transparency and fair play. During the last 2 years 61 policies were prepared and got approved by the Board of Governors and are being implemented in day to day academic and administrative activity. All policies have been circulated to stakeholders and are placed on SSUET website for general information and transparency.  

National Ideas Bank (NIB)

Sir Syed University is the national host of National Ideas Bank (NIB), launched on 4th Feb 2021 at Aiwan-e-Saddar, Islamabad by the Honorable Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The idea of the Bank is to collect new creative ideas from home and abroad that may contribute to the national progress. The University participated in all events of NIB from start to the concluding ceremony held on 27 January 2022 at Sir Syed Memorial Hall, Islamabad and addressed by the President of Pakistan. The program shared creative indigenous solutions of issues and problems. In the whole exercise of collecting and selecting workable ideas, the number of host universities at city and provincial level were 12 and 4 respectively, while Sir Syed University was the sole host at national level for the year 2021 and 2022. Ten projects at city level and 6 at provincial level in 6 different sectors of Construction, Natural Resources, Human Health, E-Commerce, Agriculture and Education were promoted. One project namely “Bubble Desk Slab” was promoted at the National level in the construction sector.

Prime Minister’s “Kamyab Jawan Program”

This Federal Government funded program started in February 2020. The program seeks to produce educated and skilled youth in latest technology capable for self-employment and small entrepreneurship so that they can become an earning hand for their families. The program also provides “On Job Training” and Jobs opportunities. The Number of applications received for Batch 1, 2 and 3 were 11,000, 16,000 and 28,000 respectively. However, the total number of students qualified for Batch 1, 2 and 3 were 1,250 for 22 programs.

Accreditation of Programs

For ongoing programs, the university has acquired all required accreditation from HEC, PEC, CIEC, PCATP, NTC, NCEAC, NBEAC and is examining to get the international accreditation. Presently our 13 academic programs are full accredited by the relevant regulatory bodies. The accreditation of Architect, Bioinformatics and technology programs are in process of accreditation. Pakistan Engineering Council’s inspection team has already conducted Re-Accreditation visits for BS Computer Engineering, BS Telecommunication Engineering, BS Civil Engineering and BS Biomedical Engineering program. The accreditation of bachelors programs of Biomedical, Mobile Communication & Security, Computer Science, IT, Mathematics and Bioinformatics is in progress.

SSUET Research Journal

The bi-annual Sir Syed University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology (SSURJET) stands approved HEC “Y-Category” Journal. The Journal is a double-blind peer reviewed journal published by Sir Syed University and accepts manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence related to the main theme of the journal. The Editorial Board of Sir Syed University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology (SSURJET) had worked very hard to retain the Journal in “Y” Category in spite of very tough competition.

Best Teachers Award

It is for the first time in SSUET history, that best teacher award has been introduced to boost morale of the faculty on the basis of Key Performance Indicators and on purely merit basis. In this regard, 43 faculty members from different academic departments were given the best teachers award on 21st March 2022.

Sports Achievements

SSUET participated in a number of sports events especiallyPrime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive 2021-22, at Islamabad. HEC assigned SSUET to organize Men’s Hockey Event at Mari Petroleum Hockey Ground, Rawalpindi. 16 Teams from all over Pakistan participated in the event. Mr. Usman Dar (Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs) inaugurated the event. Moreover, SSUET successfully organized HEC Zone (G) Men’s Hockey Championship 2021-22 and got 2nd position and qualified for the final round of Championship held in Islamabad.

International Linkages

A delegation of the University, including myself, attended International Conferences at University of Malaga, Spain and subsequent meeting at Thailand in connection with Erasmus+ CENTRAL Meet.  After conclusion of these conferences and meetings, the delegation also met with some of the research groups to extend current collaboration with Sir Syed University and the University of Malaga. The visits also included interaction with other institutes of higher education. These international visits helped bring Sir Syed University into contact with global academia community and in strengthening our international linkages. In response to our international linkages a team of professors from Malaga University, Spain also visited Sir Syed University to discuss matters of mutual interest in November 2021 and to attend an international conference hosted by Sir Syed University.   

I am glad to inform that we have recently received an invitation from Pakistan’s Ambassador at Niger, North Africa to visit this country and explore opportunity to establish campus of Sir Syed University in the city of Niamey, Niger.

Final Year Projects

Funding for 21 Final Year Projects was awarded by Ignite (Formerly ICTR&D Fund) which is a big achievement.


The academic activity at the University is carried out through the following four Faculties:

Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering organized Global Conference on Optical and Communication Technologies in Hybrid Mode from 14th – 17th February 2022 in partnership with University of Malaga, Spain and Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro. The faculty members of Sir Syed University contributed 12 good quality research papers in different track of the Conference which have been published in IEEEXPLORE. Apart from this Global Conference, 24 more publications contributed in Journals and Conferences of International Repute since February 2021. Sir Syed University took active part in 24th Strategic Workshop in Virtual Mode which focused on “Wireless Solutions for Pandemic”.

Moreover, International Multi-Topic Information & Communication Technologies Conference (IMTIC) was organized in Hybrid Mode in November 2021 in partnership with Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro. Our faculty members contributed 08 good quality research papers including research work from PhD Scholars. A Workshop on “Internet of Things” held in the university on October 8, 2021, hosted by Computer Engineering Department.

International PhD Symposium for PhD scholars of SSUET was organized in University of Malaga in hybrid mode and the Research Work was evaluated by the Professors of Pakistan and Spain. A PhD Scholar from Computer Engineering Department and 02 MS students recently selected for mobility at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy under Erasmus Plus International Credit Mobility. The outcome of their research work will be accepted by the SSUET as part of their PhD and MS studies.

Engr. Muhammad Rehan, a PhD candidate in Massey University New Zealand received multiple awards in developing a tiny robotic capsule.  This is one of the most important inventive researches of the era. He is currently associated with Electronic Engineering Department as an Assistant Professor and is also an alumnus of SSUET.

The Implementation of OBE system successfully completed in all Engineering Programs and Level-II accreditation already granted to multiple batches of Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering.

In view of Online Learning System to cope up with pandemic, a content development Laboratory with Studio was developed which is funded under the EU Capacity Building Project awarded in partnership with Consortium of 09 Universities (Total Worth is 1.0 million Euro to support capacity building). The content development laboratory will be inaugurated next month.

In February 2022, one more EU Capacity Building Project was submitted by the University in partnership with University of Malaga Spain which will again support capacity building of Faculty Members in the field of ICT for Environmental Monitoring.

The Faculty had launched MS Degree Program in Electrical Engineering from Intake of 2022 Batch.

The University has joined hands with “Coursera” to provide online capacity building short courses to all departments of faculty of ECE. Following courses were assigned to the faculty: Industrial IoT Markets and Security, Applied Machine Learning in Python, Big Data Emerging Technologies, Introduction to Embedded Systems Software and Development Environments, Engineering Practices for Building Quality Software, New Venture Finance (Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs). Almost all faculty members have completed the assigned online courses and rewarded with their specified online certificates as well.

Electrical Engineering Students won two projects in Plugin Competition 2021 at Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering & Technology, Nawabshah. Students of Batch 2020 awarded 4th position in mini projects and 4th Position in Mega Projects. Moreover, the students of this Department also won the 1st position and cash prize during SPEC’21 Project Competition at IOBM, Karachi on December 16, 2021.

Three Faculty Members successfully completed the “Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst” certification through examination administered by the EC-Council. The training and certification were fully funded by the University.

University’s Student Branch of Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers has been declared as the best Students Branch of Karachi Section for the Year 2021.

The Dean, Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aamir, was bestowed upon with Mehran University Alumni Association Excellence Award by the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology in recognition of his high achievements in academia and having multiple distinguished achievements such as inclusion of his name in the list of top 2% global scientists in multidisciplinary engineering research published by the Stanford University in October 2020. The award giving ceremony, held on 14th January 2022 in the Auditorium of high achiever in academia & having multiple distinguished achievements such as inclusion of his name in the list of top 2% global scientists in multidisciplinary engineering research published by the Stanford University in October 2020. The Chairman, Pakistan Engineering Council, Engr. Muhammad Najeeb Haroon, was the Chief Guest at award giving ceremony at the Mehran University Auditorium.

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology is part of the European Union Funded Capacity Building Project with a focus to implement state of the art online learning platforms and curriculum of new MS degree program on Digital Technologies for Business Transformation.  Prof Dr Muhammad Aamir is serving as Technical Coordinator of the Project and he has received multiple awards on successful completion on different milestones. The project will be concluded in January 2023.

Faculty of Civil Engineering & Architecture

During the year under report, Faculty of Civil Engineering & Architecture conducted 29 meetings of Board of Studies to discuss, review and streamline academic activity at the Faculty. A team of Pakistan Engineering Council visited Civil Engineering Department in connection with re-accreditation of the academic program. National Technology Program (NTC) Team visited the Faculty to discuss and evaluate the technology programs being run by the University

As a part of industry – academia linkage, meetings of the Industrial Advisory Board were held in the Civil Engineering Department. Representatives of Industry promised to give Technical Lectures in their field of specialization with an advice to the department to establish more close working relationship with Clients, Consultants, Contractors and Manufactures to promote internship and job hiring program. In this regard, a meeting between key faculty members and Indus Motor Company was held to promote Collaborative Social Responsibility.

Apart from regular academic activity, the Faculty organized seminars, national and international conferences and workshops on the related topics.


A project of Civil Engineering Department entitled “Experimental Investigation on Structural Response of Bubble Deck Slab after Localized Fire Exposure” secured certificate of appreciation and Rs. 10,000 in a City Level Competition organized by NATIONAL IDEA BANK at University of Karachi.  

Faculty’s Housing Research Committee prepared working document on low-cost incremental housing for poor community. Faculty Members also interacted with Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Administrator KMC to discuss Development of Karachi. They also participated in Greater Karachi Region Plan 2047.

The representatives of Civil Engineering Department attended Belarus – Pakistan Business Forum Conference, Exhibition and Students Exchange Program which was inaugurated by Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Commerce and Investment.   The organizer informed that University of Belarus offers scholarship for higher studies.

The faculty members of Architecture Department carried out research into following areas: Practice and Pedagogy; Conservation and Heritage; Housing and Community Development; and Environment and Climate Change.

The Department initiated the Technical Committee for ISO 268 on Sustainable Cities and Communities and formed a 15 members’ committee for adaptation of International Standards on the subject under the aegis of Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority.

The following student activities were held: Study tour to Makli and Thatta; Study tour of TDF MagnifiScience Center; Site visit and Master planning of JPMC, Karachi; Documentation and Renovation of Recovery Center; Site Visit to Karachi West Coastline; Participation in Student Sports Gala and FYP Display where 3 students received prizes.

The infrastructure of Architecture Department was improved by adding one fully furnished and equipped studio, created space for model making and furnished 400 books as part of meeting the B. Arch program accreditation requirements.


Four guest speakers visited the department and made presentations on: Architectural Thinking; Karachi’s Environment; Pointers on Master Planning and history and development of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre.

The Dean Faculty of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Prof. Dr. Mir Shabbar Ali, represented the University at different Conferences such as on the “Smart Traffic Management System”; chaired the Annual Meeting of National Standards Committee of Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority and attended Hybrid Webinar National Transport Research Centre etc.

Faculty of Computing and Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Computing and Applied Sciences is becoming the largest Faculty having more than 3,000 students under 5 undergraduate and 3 post graduate programs. PhD in Mathematics, MS (Software Engineering), and BS (Mathematics) are the new additions in this year. In future, we are going to offer BS (Phycology), BS (Food Sciences), BS (Agriculture), PhD in Computer Science and Software Engineering. This year, accreditations of BS (Software Engineering) and BS (Bioinformatics) were successfully done.

Faculty of Business, Management and Social Sciences

The growth of Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences was the major target in the year 2021-22. We initiated 1 undergraduate BS (Business Administration) program while MBA program at Postgraduate level were introduced in Fall 2021. The growth of BBA program this year remained phenomenal (around 300%). This year the first batch of BBA is going to be graduated. BS (Finance and Accounts) will be offered from Fall 2022. In future BS (Islamic Banking), BS (English), and similar programs are under review for offering.

Post Graduate Program

Sir Syed University is committed to impart quality education in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Sciences and Management.  The Postgraduate education is a very important component in the learning process. It is one of the key drivers of growth performance, prosperity, and competitiveness in national and global economies. It provides not only the high-level skills necessary for every market but also the training essential for students. Therefore, Sir Syed University initiated Postgraduate Program in the year 2000. In the beginning two Master’s program in Electronics and Computer Engineering departments were offered. Later, Master’s Programs in Civil, Biomedical, Telecommunications, Electrical, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics and Business Management were also offered. As far as the PhD Program is concerned, the University offers PhD Program in three disciplines namely, Computer, Electronics & Biomedical Engineering.  All Programs conform to the guidelines provided by the Higher Education Commission. Currently there are 54 students pursuing PhD and about 250 studying in MS Degree Programs in the following disciplines:Computer Engineering; Telecommunication Engineering; Electronic Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Mathematics; Computer Science; Software Engineering; and Business Administration.

Since its inception, the Postgraduate Program of Sir Syed University has produced 450 Masters and 07 PhDs.

Technology Program

Sir Syed University provides technological support for students interested in advancing their skills and pursuing a career as a technologist. The technology programme began with two disciplines: civil engineering and electrical engineering, both of which are still active today. It took almost a year before a new discipline known as electronics was launched. Under the umbrella of the university’s vision, 276 students continue their study and train to be technologists. The students benefit from our well-equipped labs, where scientific information is shared with them, and they may learn how to use the most up-to-date technology available. These students will possess marketable skills and will have no difficulty in finding employment. Our technology programme has matured to the point where it meets the requirements for the National Technology Council, putting us one step ahead of the competition in the accreditation process.

The Centre for Continuing Professional Education (CCPE)

The Centre for Continuing Professional Education (CCPE) was established in 1997 to catering to increasing demand of professionally qualified workers in the country and abroad. Short duration courses at evening and on Saturdays and Sundays are offered to cover diverse professional fields such as Information Technology, Engineering and Management to facilitate students and those who are doing jobs.

Quality Enhancement and Assurance

Quality Enhancement Cell of the University has achieved a score of 89.34% in the Yearly Performance Report in the SSUET’s Quality Assessment by the Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission for the last year. SSUET is placed in the ‘W’ category which is the Highest category.  This performance is the result of the vigorous and persistent efforts of the QEC staff at SSUET.

For making SSUET a quality-centric institution, the QEC performs various activities according to national and international quality parameters. It is ensured that all requirements of regulating bodies, such as, HEC & CIEC, and all relevant accreditation councils such as, PEC, NCEAC, NBEAC and PCATP are fulfilled. QEC has successfully achieved all targets in the action plan by the QAA-HEC for the year 2019-21.  

The observations of the Internal Auditor’s monthly reports are reviewed by QEC. The lists of required actions are prepared, and meeting of the concerned departmental heads are arranged with the higher authority. The decisions are recorded, and implementation plans are developed by QEC. Compliance reports from the respective HODs are collected and submitted to the Vice Chancellor Office. This activity has contributed significantly to making the systems more efficient and cost effective.

Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation of SSUET was conducted on April 8, 2021. QEC successfully managed the entire activity.  A panel of 3 external members and 6 internal members was nominated to conduct the evaluation. After completion of the evaluation, the Review Panel held an exit meeting with the Vice Chancellor and expressed their overall satisfaction on the performance of SSUET. A detailed report was prepared by the Review Panel. QEC prepared an Implementation plan to address and mitigate the deficiencies and work on the improvement scope identified by the evaluators.

QEC organized the Self-Review of MS & PhD programs at SSUET. The review was conducted on 1st June 2021 by two External and four Internal Evaluators. The Self Review concluded with an Exit Meeting with the Registrar. The report was submitted to and was analyzed by QEC. An implementation plan was prepared to improve the quality on the basis of the report.

On 20th January 2022, QEC successfully collected and consolidated the Higher Education Statistical Data of all academic and administrative departments of SSUET and submitted to Statistical Unit of Higher Education Commission. This information is required by HEC for the National University Ranking and making budget allocations for the Universities.

The Quality Enhancement Cell participated in Progress Review Meeting and Training of QECs organized by Higher Education Commission. The program focused on Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness and included various focused group activities for redefining the framework for improved Quality at institutional level within the ambit of research and innovation. More than 20 universities of Karachi from public and private sectors participated.

Center for Guidance, Career Planning and Placement

The Center for Guidance, Career Planning and Placement helps students gain internship opportunities and strives to find the best jobs for students by establishing excellent relationships with employers, as well as students. The Centre also plays an important role in character and personality building. During the year under report, the Centre organized Job Fair and Open House with about 140 companies participated and 9 CEO of the organizations had visited the fair.

The Centre facilitated visits to the University by the CEO E-Commerce Enablers and Pakistan’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Major General R. Muhammad Saad Khattak, who interacted with the students and spoke on “Leadership Development and Nation Building.” Moreover, more than 20 industrial and HR officials visited the University for discussion on matters of mutual interest. Also, students from different Universities of Punjab visited the university.

The Centre arranged participation of students in Talent Hunt Program of ARY Digital. An exclusive interview of some alumni was arranged on Aaj TV program “Sawal Hay Pakistan Ka”.Students also participated in QUEST PLUGIN 2021 Exhibition at Nawabshah and won. Students also attended a fully sponsored Conference “Pegham-e-Pakistan” at Islamabad. University’s Music Society won Intercity Music Competition.

It was for the first time that a delegation comprising of Sir Syed University and Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association had attended the flag hoisting ceremony on Independence Day at Mazar e Qaid along with dignitaries of Sindh Government


On behalf of Association of Private Sector Universities in Pakistan, the Centre hosted Vice Chancellors’ Conference at the University’s premises.

Final Year Project (FYP) Exhibition was organised on March 3, 2022. Students of final year Batch 2018 presented their computer aided design and manufacturing projects and explained important features of their projects. The Final Year Project Exhibition showcased best projects produced by the students. Altogether 100 captivating projects covering 10 disciplines were presented at the exhibition. The projects that were put on display included Plastic Bricks, Roti Plant, Sports Complex, an automatic trolley for use in supermarkets. It was pointed out that a well-wisher from USA showed his interest in students’ projects to exhibit it in Silicon Valley.

Rich tributes were paid to the great visionary and reformer of the subcontinent Sir Syed Ahmed Khan on his 204th Birth Anniversary celebrated jointly by Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association and Sir Syed University at the campus.

Thalassemia Awareness Program was organized at the campus. Mrs. Reema Ismail, wife of Governor Sindh was the Chief Guest.

Along with Center for Guidance, Career Planning and Placement, the Sir Syed Institute for Youth Development and Research was established to promote the moral and educational values ​​in accordance with modern requirements at the national level. Attempts will be made to acquaint the youth with the new scientific world according to the requirements of the time.

SSUET Library

The SSUET Library aims to provide comprehensive resources and dynamic services to support the research, teaching, and learning needs of the University community. University’s library is a well-equipped, air-conditioned and eagerly cooperative academic space for students and faculty, who want to keep themselves updated with the national and worldwide academic developments. We have an overall collection of almost a million books, research journals and magazines collectively. There is a seating capacity of over 200 students, who are provided with Internet services and Wi-Fi connectivity. The library can also be digitally accessed and the library database management system helps students and faculty members to utilize library services online from anywhere in the world. The Library has upgraded its online systems to D-Space which is an open source repository software for digital publications, and KOHA which is world’s most used library management system and which will facilitate our students and faculty, and ease their library using experience. We have also initiated portal availability for our students and faculty through which they can now use the library services online and can access to get library material through their portals. We have also departmental libraries for an easier and quick access to field related books and database. We plan to construct a new and modern library building, which will be a state-of-the-art library equipped with new books, online library services and expanded seating and study areas for students and faculty. 

Seminars, Workshops, Conferences

Sir Syed University organized and participated in local, national and international seminars, workshops, conferences both on campus and online. A chain of Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, CDP Courses were held at Department level in each department where local or expatriate Professional gave presentation to the students and Faculty.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)

The University signed MoUs with 14 organizations and NGOs to diversify academics and increase outreach of research. The MoUs signed during the year included: Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI), Accountability Lab, Shaoor Foundation, ILMA University, ZONG, PSEB, AUC, IGNITE, NAVTTC, [email protected], WANZ, E-CREATORZ: ERP AGREEMENT, FEDERAL MINISTRY IT & TELECOMUNICATION, SAYLANI, CWHR, PGBC etc. Sir Syed University has collaboration with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) seeks options for developing IT sector with collaborative efforts. Apart from collaboration with IdeaGist and Ministry of Information Technology, the University had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Saman-e-Shifa Foundation with an aim to contribute in the noble cause of providing healthcare facilities at low cost by developing indigenous healthcare equipment.

Digital Learning & Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI)

HEC has allocated 60 Licenses to SSUET for Coursera Courses through DLSEI Program at a discount cost of Rs. 8000/- per License. Coursera was US-based Leading platform for online courses. These Courses were available for Faculty and Students of SSUET. There was no restriction on number of learners enrolled in a specific course. The registered learners were able to learn from Professors of prestigious universities of the world such as MIT, Stanford University and Imperial College London and other institutions. At the end of Course Competition Certificates were given. A similar program has also been offered to the faculty members and students.

SSUET celebrates the Erasmus Day

Erasmus is the European Union program to support education, training, youth, and sports in Europe. The 2021 – 2027 program places a strong focus on social inclusion, green and digital transitions, and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life. Erasmus Day aimed at creating value for the four priorities of the new program: inclusion, sustainable development, digital sector, and active participation to democracy. Sir Syed University celebrates Erasmus Day every year in October.

University’s New Campus

Master Plan of Sir Syed University 200-acres of land New Campus is in the process of approval. The university has approved Endowment fund of 15 million for new campus for developing infrastructure at new campus. Construction of mosque, hostels, academic blocks were allowed. A tree plantation campaign was also undertaken at new campus to transform SSUET New Campus into a Green Campus that would also include recycling of wastewater for greenery and tree plantation, use of renewable source of energy, water conservation, and construction of green buildings. The President, Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association and Chancellor, Sir Syed University, Honorable Jawaid Anwar Saheb has already laid the foundation stone for construction of Jama-e-Masjid at the New Campus.

Strategic Planning & Development Department

In order to enhance Maintenance and Upkeep as well as Upgradation of the existing infrastructure of the University Campus a survey was conducted. Fire exit routes were constructed to address security and safety of students and staff. Miscellaneous development works including external paint works for Block E, Paver installation for admission cell walkway and Store Office were carried out. A new studio for Architectural department was developed at the ground floor of Block C. In order to reduce electricity consumption, bill the university will soon be adopting Solar Power System.

Statutory Bodies Meetings

It is to be noted that meetings of all statutory bodies (i.e. Board of Governors, Selection Board, Finance & Planning Committee, Academic Council, BASR, Board of Faculties and Board of Studies) were successfully conducted on time as originally planned. The Statutory Bodies Cell has digitalized almost all relevant data of the University under its ambit available at university’s website for viewing/downloading. This includes all minutes of Academic Council meetings, all minutes of Board of Advanced Studies & Research meetings, all minutes of Boards of Faculty meetings and majority of the Board of Studies meetings.

My Dear graduates,

Convocation is the outcome of your painstaking work with a sense of accomplishment in life. It is a magnificent moment to cherish. It is a time to recognize your parents’ and guardians’ efforts, support, and sacrifices. Professional education provides you with various abilities that will allow you to adapt to changing environment with confidence and to move forward in your practical life. My advice to the graduates is to view graduation as a day of starting rather than an end. I wish you all the best of luck and hope that you will make University, your parents, guardians, your teachers and your nation proud of you.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to the parents, guardians and teachers for their unwavering support to the graduating students. My dear students, never forget to respect yours parents and teachers who groomed you to obtain your graduation.

My dear graduates and parents, at this landmark occasion please accept my congratulations for your achievements. Please do celebrate, rejoice your success that you rightly deserve.

May Allah SWTT the most gracious, merciful and benefactor bless us all!

Thank you, Pakistan Zindabad!

Prof Dr. Vali Uddin

Vice Chancellor