Weightage Policy Cases for Midterm Examination (Batch Fall 2021)

WEIGHTAGE POLICY (Academic Policy, Clause 4.6) will be applied on the following:

1 – The student admitted and payment (1st voucher) was made on or after 8th November 2021.
2 – The student admitted and his Program of Study was changed on or after 8th November 2021.
Only listed student (under point 1 or 2) lists will be considered for the Weightage Policy.
Listed Students have the choice to attempt Physical Examination as per their own will. But under this option student has to attempt all exam papers and the decision will not be revert back after the Exam attempt (Weightage policy option will be cancelled).  

NOTE: Student claims about missing their name in the list may be submitted to DSA office in Written with the copy of Payment slip or Transfer of program proof.